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08-17-2002, 12:44 AM
Lithium Match Calendar---Challenge =GoM= to a scrim or match... :)
Ok guys....heres a tidbit to start with....Hopefully everyone will have no problems accessing this Calendar (this can be used for rail teams, lithium or ctf, anything).....LETS ALL MAKE A HABIT OF IT! (that is, if you want to play any matches)
For now, its going to be a FFA posting...aka, you want a match, post it. All "confirmed" matches must go thru VVV, M1, BJ, or our Lieutenants (whomever that may be). Verified matches (aka enuff players signed up) must have someone take screenshots at a minimum, and demo's would be nice if you have an observer.. Thats all I ask......Oh, and keep it cool.....if either BJ, or M1 or I cant be there, someone will be put in charge for that match/scrim.

This is an open board, for all clans to view (maybe a link on our websight would be good, and try to spam it on servers). This calendar is for them to post their requests for a match with GoM....but only GoM vs ???, or GoM vs GoM....this is NOT to be used by other clans for their matches...
They must have all their people on their roster sign on the board.....agreeing to the time and place..


Ok more to come....and lets see some action on here, even if its just GoM vs GoM to start....


Re: Lithium Match Calendar
This calendar isnt for posting dates that are in stone, its for "working out" the times when we can get people together.....the matches are only "set" once they are "confirmed" by myself, M1 or BJ and have enuff people to play by the proposed time/date.....so ANYONE can post for any time....you pick your time (when there are enuff players, tell us)..
If you have some free time on Thursday, and you would like to set up a match....spam some people, get 6 or 8 people to sign up on the Calendar and PLAY >8-)

Yep, just post your proposed date on the calendar and say "GoM Only"
Maybe well get 8 who want it on the day you pick, and 6 who choose another day..

Ive allready posted a match for Monday night (would like to play sewer, but will play anything, anywhere), ....whoever shows shows..
if its only one man, its me and YOU!

Ps: your gonna see me posting alot for Monday night Scrimms...