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Flagship 10-28-2016 09:29 AM

4K Monitors
Anyone have suggestions for a 4K monitor that is 30" or slightly bigger?

Would like to have G-Sync as well.

I found the Acer Predator XB321HK but nothing else.


[T2K]__BusteR__ 11-09-2016 10:53 PM

I don't know enough about them anymore.

Mega 11-09-2016 11:47 PM

I'm waiting too. I have an additional criteria of 120Hz. I have not seen anything that does > 60Hz at 3840 x 2160.

Mega 01-27-2017 11:35 PM

This one doesn't meet the 30+ inch requirement, but here is finally a 4K, G-Sync, 144Hz, and also happens to be an HDR capable IPS panel. Wow!

Also, ran across this while looking on the same channel:

240Hz !!!

Maybe by the time I'm ready to buy there will be a 4K, 30+ inch, G-Sync, 240Hz monitor out there... but then I prolly couldn't afford it. LOL

ViGiLaNtE 02-06-2018 01:39 PM

I have been eying this one myself:

It is a 35 inch UltraWide (3440x1440) at up to 200hz

Not really into the whole 4K thing quite yet, would rather have higher frames then 4K. Remember most games are lucky to hit 60FPS at 4K now a days with a single 1080ti. Also with SLI support diminishing quite a bit, can't count on SLI to boost you up past that.

Maybe this next gen of video cards will be capable, but I don't think they are right now of even getting close to 144FPS at 4K unless graphics are way down.

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