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Old 04-12-2004, 12:58 PM   #1
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World War II

We were discussing CoD on the CD priv forum and I figured I'd bring this public.

I saw an uncle over the weekend and he was telling us his WWII stories. I knew he served but didn't think he remembered or wanted to talk about it. I found it pretty intersting. He's staying with my father so I'll probably go up and ask him some more questions about it.
The army had taken back an area from the Germans and he was marching through the town. THey hadn't cleared out all the Germans apparently.
He had a German jump out of the bushes trying to attack his troop (specifically lunged at him) with a bayonette. He ended up getting knocked unconscious because the Gerry butted him in the jaw with the gun. Spent like 3 months healing then went back in. He later found out they killed the German.
Got shot once too at a different time. Said it went through the top of his helmet, and the hot casing fell into the back of his shirt so they had to cut his shirt off cuz it was burning him.
He didn't want to get promoted to officer because they were sending all the black officers to the front lines.I think he said the ceiling for black officers was Captain anyway.
He saw one of his guys in his troops in like the 70's. He was the only other survivor of the troop and he was missing an eye. Shot from the back.
He was spared from Japan because he had accumulated 95 points.
He was overseas for 4 years.

If you guys have family members with stories, I'd like to hear them. WWI, WWII, Vietnam.

Not looking for flames or anything. Just genuine stories. Wonder where this thread will go...

Originally Posted by S0L -=CD
If you come visit, I'll let you sit on it.
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Old 04-12-2004, 01:31 PM   #2
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Interesting... I was just doing the same thing the other day... Started searching for my grandfather's name on the internet (can't remember why)... and ran across this:

Mission No. 138 - UDINE, ITALY MISSION NO. 138 January 31, 1944

My grandfather is : Victor A. Brockman

He was pretty geeked when I sent it to him... when I called to talk about it he was pretty hacked off because that was actually his plane (as in, he was the pilot).
He couldn't remember which guy it was, but one of them was on his 50th (and therefore, last) mission. Grandad said the guy flipped out when they started to go down - he's pretty sure it's one of the guy's that didn't make it.

I'll try to relay some more later...
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Old 04-12-2004, 01:33 PM   #3
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my Grandpa was at Normandy, he came in on a "later wave", meaning later in the day.

When I was a kid, we used to take family trips to the lake in East Texas (Lake O' The Pines), he never got in water. He would never swim. Numerous other times near pools etc, he would never get in water.

Based on what he saw that day in the water, guess it was too hard.

My pops was in Nam, was in Saigon during Tet, has some scary pics and stories.
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Old 04-12-2004, 01:36 PM   #4
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how odd...I just finished watching Band of Brothers for the first time the other day and was near tears...I was just sitting there by myself thinking what these men did for us and the rest of the world and wondering if I would EVER be able to do the things they did (Normandy, Bastoigne, the concentration camps).

my grandpa was a WWI vet and survived, but died after the war and I never got to meet the guy. My dad was drafted but they refused to take him after testing him out because of his "physical problems" (bad eyesight, overweight, horrible knees and borne with 2 clubbed feet that to this day are small enough to fit in a size 7 shoe)
I have an urge to find any vets I can just to thank them...
thanks for bringing this up Sly
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Old 04-12-2004, 01:49 PM   #5
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yeah i watched Saving Private Ryan for the first time in a long time and i forgot how good it was. don't have many stories to speak of though i had a lot of relatives in the service.
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Old 04-12-2004, 03:08 PM   #6
BigJohnson "The real man"
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My Grandfather was in WWII and Korea this website tells of all the stuff that they did over in Europe and Korea
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Old 04-12-2004, 03:18 PM   #7
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I found out fairly recently (couple of years ago) that my grand mother was in Germany right before world war II. It had never even occured to me to ask her about it before now. I felt kinda guilty that I hadnt ever shown any interest in the last 30 or so years! This isnt exactly a war story persay, but I think it fits with what you wanted to hear?

She started off telling me a little story about coming to the U.S. , as a student I believe. She had been gone for the school year and had just returned to Germany to see her family, this was about 1 month before the war officially began. She got really excited when she started telling me about the whole deal. I guess she was out on the street, totally naive to what was really going on at the time, and anyways she saw one of her old school mates. She waved and offered a nice hello and the girl just ignored her, so again she kinda hollered her name and said hello and still the girl wouldnt even look up. So my grandmother kinda grabbed her arm and said hey dont you remember me? The girl told her that she better leave her alone, and that she shouldnt be talking to her anyways. The problem was that the girl was jewish, and at the same moment a german soldier walked up, cussed her out and spit on my grandmothers' shoe! Again, my grandmother didnt really understand what was going on and then she started hearing this big loud thud thud thud.... By this time in the story my grandmother was actually kinda sptting, no she was spitting, the point is she was getting so excited. Anyways, apparently the german army was marching down the street goose stepping away and the sound was incredibly loud and she said it was actually shaking the ground as they marched by. Then a german soldier in the crowd that had formed grabbed her from behind and started screaming at her that she needed to do the hile hitler sp? salute deal. She said it really scared the crap out of her.

Just a few days later she left for the U.S. Apparently she had a real hard time getting out of Germany and she felt she was pretty lucky to do so when she did. I remember at the time she told me the story that the dates were incredibly close to the beggining of the war.
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Old 04-12-2004, 04:03 PM   #8
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My greatgrandfather served in heavy artillery. The letter said he was wounded and later died in a field hospital on April 6 1945, somewhere in Austria. We don't know the name of the town he's burried in, because the letter is gone.

My other greatgrandfather served in infantry. He returned home missing his legs in 1943 after he fell victim of a landmine. He died in 1979 or 1980, couple years after i was born.
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Old 04-12-2004, 04:31 PM   #9
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almost all of my dad's family was in the military and served in some type of war. some served as far back as world war 1 and world war 2. during vietnam, my dad served in alaska/canada. my uncle louis was stationed in germany at that time and my uncle al actually served in vietnam. lucky guy. i dont know their exact war stories, only what my dad has told me of the war games and stuff he played in alaska and all. i'll have to get with one of my uncles (since my dad has passed) and ask them about their stories and such.
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Old 04-12-2004, 04:40 PM   #10
Zip Howard
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My grandfather survived Pearl Harbor. Ive never asked him about it and I have never heard him openly talk about it. He is still living but in a bad situation. He has cancer and was told he was going to die in 6 years. Its been 9 years and he is still ticking just as good as he was 9 years ago.
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Old 04-12-2004, 05:23 PM   #11
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Yea Ron, I'm looking for stuff like that too. Even just the little tidbits makes you say, "wow" (well at least me). You can watch all the movies, but until you know someone that's been through it it's all just, well,

Wow Zip, let me know if you speak to him about it at all.

Originally Posted by S0L -=CD
If you come visit, I'll let you sit on it.
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Old 04-12-2004, 05:42 PM   #12
Dux Bellorum
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My great uncle Stanely was in a CB unit and helped repair Pearl Harbor after it was bombed. He went to some of the other places as well but he never talked much about it.

I work with a man who was a pilot in WWII, he flew 56 missions in a B-25(?) (All I know is that it was smaller than the B-52's) He said he did strafe bombing, and got his plane shot up several times in the course of his duties.

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Old 04-12-2004, 06:47 PM   #13
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If you watched Band of Brothers then you saw one of our co-workers dad portrayed. One of the section heads at Exxon named Gene Roe Jr., had his dad's story told in Band of Brother's. His dad was the Medic, Eugen 'Gene' Roe. If you remember when he went to the hospital to talk to the French girl to get supplies she asked him where he learned to speak French, and he told her he was a 'Cajun' from Louisiana. All I can say is if the story was only half true that his dad was a brave man!

When I first went to work for Exxon they had MANY old guys from the war. Van Mayhall, who ended up the rank of Colonel talked about the time he shot a German squating down and taking a dump! But Harry Bullion told the best stories. He was on a destroyer in the Pacific. I believe it was in the battle around Leyte Gulf where his group came under attack by Kamakazis. He said first the 5 inch guns would start booming, then the 40's (pom poms) would open up, and when the 50's kicked in you knew they where on top of you. He said he looked almost straight up and could almost see the eyes of the pilot when he slumped forward on the joystick causing his plane to dive down and away from the ship. They were getting showered by the pieces flying off of the plane. Screws, bolts and scrap metal from all of the shells hitting it where falling all around him. It shook the whole ship when the plane exploded just off of the side. They where fortunate but the other destroyer in his group was not so lucky. They got a direct hit from a Kamakazi that almost blew it in two. He told us about going over to try and pick up survivors most of them badly burned. He said that sometimes the rough seas and constant sea sickness where as bad as the Japs. Sometimes the puke in the john would slosh from side to side, and it was so hot below most would sleep on the deck.

My Dad was in the Army Corp of Engineers. He died when I was only 3 so I never got to talk war stories with him. I have an Uncle who did 3 tours in Vietnam. He was a Sargent in Heavy Artillery so he was usually further back in the fire bases, but I remember him talking about having to kill a young boy about 13 or 14 yrs old. If he would have hesitated any longer he would have been dead. It must have bothered him because that's the only one he ever mentioned. His son (my cousin) is now a Major working in the Pentagon. My cousin's husband just got back from Bagdad the 1st of April. He was with the 4th infantry division in communications. I know she's happy, especially since she's pregnant and wanted her child to have a father.

I'll admit that Vietnam had me worried when I was younger.
My lotto number for February 19th was #127 but fortunately my year was the first year no one was called due to them deciding to pull out of Vietnam. I had gone down to Keesler Air Force base and taken a battery of tests and a physical to try to get in the Air Force but changed my mind when things were winding down!
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Old 04-12-2004, 07:39 PM   #14
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wow Dar, thats cool. I watched the whole B of B when it came out. I was always a WWII buff as a kid. No offense to other wars, but, you hear about this and that Vietnam etc....WWII was some serious stuff.

People forget real quick it seems.

Proud to be an American!!!!!
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Old 04-12-2004, 07:49 PM   #15
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Wow, great thread. Brings up all kinds of great memories of the stories that my grandfather would tell me as a kid before he died last year of lung cancer. He was an Airforce Sargent, a talegunner. Howard Berrier, my grandfather, a WWII hero.

I remember the story he would tell of the Plotsky raid, to take out the last refiner or steel mill(I can't remember). He would get furious mad as he told how the fighters never showed, but they kept going. They got all torn up, but managed to drop their payload and get out. They limped back on one engine, when he said they, he would make sure you knew it was just him and the copilot still alive. He told me in vivid detail finding each of his friends dead, how he threw up at the sight of the first two, but only dry heaved at the sight of the others. When they made it back, he was already assumed dead, his bunk cleared, his personal items packed up, my grandmother already notified. She freaked when he called, thought it was his ghost. She is crying whereever she is sitting when he is telling this part of the story. But he was hungry now, but the mess was closed, the cook wouldn't make him breeakfast, so he hold the cook at gunpoint forcing him to make him Toast, 2 eggs, sunnyside up, 4 strips of bacon, and grits. He then liberates a jeep for the night, gets in a barfight, and gets arrested by the MPs. Of course, he is supposed to be dead.

My other favorite:

He flew a mission, I'm not sure of the details, except that they were so badly damaged that they could not make it back, so they were given permission to try to fly to GB. They ended up crash landing on some palace lawn. The princess at the time, I think it was Elizabeth, but I'm not sure, was there. They but the flyboys up for the night and had a dinner and dance for them. The princess wanted to dance the jitterbug, and my grandfather was the only one who knew how, so he danced the jitterbug with her.

He had many others, we were fortunate to catch some on tape before he died. I have a picture of him with his crew somewhere.
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